A couple of weeks ago we held a very successful workshop in Mainz: Young Research Leaders Group Workshop: Insulator spintronics – strong-coupling, coherence and entanglementFunded was provided by Jairo Sinova’s SPICE center and the MAINZ graduate school.

I was co-organizing with So Takei (Queens College of the City University of New York) and Yunshan Cao (University of Electronic Science and Technology of China) and we decided to try and join the different areas of insulator spintronics, strong couple and quantum magnetism. This was quite successful and I think there was at least one person for everyone who they had not met before (myself included). 

One of my favourite aspects of the workshop was the discussion time. The workshop is held in the Mainz Institute for Theoretical Physics where there is a large coffee room with black boards, surrounded by side offices. This was perfect for discussions after each session and was used extensively by the participants.

All of the talks not under embargo due to unpublished data, are available on the SPICE youtube channel.